RA2: BioControl Disorder Mod

I have a tail of a great scientist who went mad with power... His name was Einstein... He was being paid millions for his machines and technology during the war with the Soviet union. Soon after the war between the Allies and Soviets came to a stop to fight Yuri and his army, Einstein wasn't being paid for his inventions. He soon decided to convince the Soviets that the Allies planned to invade Russia and take down Moscow. Soon the Soviets gave Einstein safe passage to eastern Russia. Einstein then waited for the Soviets to start attacking the Allies. Secretly Einstein was developing a army to rule the world. After Einstein developed an army, he invaded central Russia and began the next World War. The Soviets, The Allies, and Einstein. This war could end all wars.


  • Central Russia... Russia almost destroyed... Einstein's forces to the east, Allies to the west. One solution... Russia's secret army exposed. Enough Apocalypse Tanks to control all of Europe, Asia, and Africa. You choice commander. Save the Motherland or let the Soviet union die off.


  • Western-Central Russian... Soviet union almost defeated... No idea of what lies beyond the last Russian forces. Commander, you have to lead the Allies into Central Russian and finish off the Russians. No idea on what you will encounter. Only one solution... Destroy the Soviets and conquer North-Eastern Asia.


  • Eastern Russia... Began the advance into Central Russia... One army, one goal, and one threat. The army, Einsteins secret army of Laser Troopers. The goal, conquer the entire world. The threat, the resistance to being conquered. Let the end begin. You have to lead Einstein's army into Russia and kill off the Soviets. It is you job and you will not fail!


    IDEAS FROM THE FANS: Do note that some of the ideas here might not be implemented. The general set-up of ideas. Person who came up with idea: [That person] Their idea: [Idea goes here] Chance of being added: [Possibility 1-10] What the team thinks: [The teams view here] Person who came up with idea: Black Eagle Their idea: Since war is in Russian. Why not have some cool Russian weapons. Chance of being added: 7ish What the team thinks: Instead of having only Russian guns and shiza, why not have a whole bunch of new tech. Allies maybe have more aircraft since they have to move all their stuff quickly to reach central Russia. Russian's have their secret army of awesome. Upgrade their army with mo' betta guns. The Elite apoc tank maybe? DO NOT ASSUME YOUR IDEA WILL BE ADDED TO THIS!!! IDEAS ADDED ARE INSPIRATIONAL!!! DON'T GIVE UP HOPE THOUGH!!! TEAM WILL HAVE SURPRISE AFTER REGULAR MOD IS RELEASED!!!

    By FWST